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NDIS Home Cleaning

Disable people, elderly one or handicapped need extra attention and care. For home cleaning, they look for professional cleaners who have expertise in disability home care and disability home maintenance. If you are looking for such cleaning services, you have come at the right place – NDIS Cleaning. We provide NDIS home cleaning and NDIS home maintenance services.

Disability Home Cleaning

Our Service charges for disability home cleaning are reasonable; while proper quotes are available over the phone, email or in person on the place. We offer you comprehensive solutions for disability home maintenance. The task could be tailored to your needs, but the typical tasks included in general house cleaning include:

  • Vacuuming Hard Floors, Mopping Hard Floors
  • Economy House Cleaning, Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces and Different Others

We retain only the top class cleaners, who have expertise in NDIS home care, selected from a stringent recruitment process, NDIS Cleaning takes that one step further to offer you the peace of mind of having honest and reliable cleaners at your home. From basic house cleaning to premium services, our team of specialists will value each and every job with finest expertise and commitment.

Contact us today for NDIS home cleaning and disability home maintenance that is an obligation free quote and get a tailored service suited to your needs and perfect for your budget.

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